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EPL/AMS Porsche 996TT Flash Tuning

EPL/AMS Flash Tuning was designed to optimize your Porsche 911/996 Twin Turbo by unleashing the power that the factory held back. We have gone to great lengths to produce custom ME7.8 ECU calibration files that produce maximum power without sacrificing reliability or drivability. All tunes have been developed using state of the art real time tuning technology on both a Mustang MD500-SE & Dynojet 424Xlc2 chassis dynamometers.

When you purchase a tune from EPL & AMS you are purchasing the best computer programming available for your P-car. These tunes offer the benefits of reducing or eliminating drive by wire lag and can be tailored to the type of driving you do (street, track, drag). In addition your tune will be tailored to the type of fuel available and can even be compensated for high altitude or other extremes in your area. You even get exclusive features like a factory integrated 2 step launch control and no-lift shifting.


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- Full rpm range remap of both fuel and ignition.
- EPL’s Standard Level 1 throttle characteristic remapping. Reduces or eliminates DBW lag.
- Gear and load dependent rpm limiter. Approximately 7200rpm in 3-6th gear.
- Factory integrated 2 step launch control. (EPL Exclusive)
- No Lift Shifting. (EPL Exclusive)
- Specific files for primary driving conditions (Street, Track, Drag). Please specify at time order is placed. (EPL Exclusive)
- Specific files for 91 octane, 93 octane, 103+ octane Race Gas, high altitude, etc.
- Flashing cable
- New ECU calibration file
- 2001+ Porsche 911/996TT