This promotion only applies to Bulgarian citizens.

Date: 06 Jan 2014

This promotion only applies to Bulgarian citizens.

Fuel Surge Tank / Fuel Surge Tank kits

Date: 25 Jun 2013

After a long time waiting. Nuke Performance are ready with new product: Fuel Surge Tank with a capacity of as much as 3 liters. It´s also available with several kits designed and developed for some of the most common fuel pumps on the market.
Never before has it been so easy to make the heart of your fuel system in place, with no starvation, no bad looking installations and with the same hallmark as all of our performance products.
This Surge Tank and our Surge Tank kits makes it easy to handle extreme amounts of power.

Hoosier Tires

Date: 13 Mar 2013

Hello friends!

Welcome to our online store. There, we UPG Shop offers a wide range of racing tires - Hoosier Tire. These are some of the best tires for the strip and oval track.
For any questions or orders please contact us at or phone 02 8200 650/0876477749.

Toyo Tires

Date: 08 Mar 2013

Toyo Tires from UPG! Performance isn’t just speed, braking, acceleration, and cornering. It’s also keeping more tread on the road for more control so you arrive at your destination safely. Toyo engineers have found new ways to incorporate natural materials like walnut shells into tires that makes them safer for drivers, passengers, and the environment.


The wide variety of road surfaces in the US presents a special challenge for tire makers. Our engineers meet it with computer simulation and on-road testing. One result of this work, three-ply polyster casing used in our Open Country M/T, strengthens the tire to improve handling and durability and maintain load capacity even on long, high-speed trips. We are one of very few manufacturers who use this technology in their mud terrain tires. Tru-Form Technology applied to the Proxes 1 improves handling and uniformity by reducing tread deformation

For any questions or orders please contact us at or phone +359 2 8200 650 / +359 876 477 749.

Rota Wheels

Date: 07 Mar 2013

If you still haven't chosen wheels for your car, we offer you new, great quality and unique vision wheels from Rota! Rota Wheels produced by Philippine Aluminum Wheels, Inc. who have 28 years of experience, offering standard products built for Toyota, Ford, Datsun, Isuzu, Mercedes-Benz, VW and others. Wheels have amaizing vision, durability and charm. For any questions or orders please contact us at or phone +359 2 8200 650 / +359 876 477 749.

Break Lines Wisefab

Date: 23 Feb 2013

Hello everyone!
The most powerful part of your automobile is not the engine, but the brakes. This is a fact! Brake lines can make your car more powerful! From this month we offer you high quality brake lines sets from Wisefab, composed of metal-reinforced cover and stainless steel tips.
Length of hose from end to end vary for each specific application. For more information about all break lines sets, models and length please contact us: +359 2 8200 650 / +359 876 477 749.

Polyurethane control arm bushes Steroid-X

Date: 10 Jan 2013

If your racer or everyday drive car is not stable enough or have steering problems, we, Urban Performance Garage, offer you high quality polyurethane control arm bushes - Steroid-X.
Polyurethane is a polymer composed of a chain of organic units joined by carbamate links.The hardness of the products is 80 and 85 Shore Scale (for black and red), which makes them stronger than their rubber counterparts. We can offer custom control arm bushes with a hardness of 90 Shore Scale. For more information about all control arm bush please contact us: or. +359 2 8200 650 / +359 876 477 749.

-15% Yacco free change

Date: 17 Dec 2012

Is your car ready for trips around the holidays? Take advantage of our hot proposal for the engine oil Yacco, get 15% discount and a free replacement in our service. For more details or to record hours, please call: +359 2 8200 650 / +359 876 477 749.

Wossner и ZRP -25% winter promotion!

Date: 11 Dec 2012

Hi friends, for the upcoming Christmas holidays is time for a great suggestions. Only until January 1 the team of UPG, offer 25% discount on a set of Wossner pistons and ZRP con rods. Secure your vehicle with parts for the upcoming season. For information on our products please visit our online store and make your choice. For any questions or orders please contact us at or phone +359 2 8200 650 / +359 876 477 749.

Summer Promotion from UPG - DEI, Spa Turbo, Ny-trex

Date: 21 Jun 2012

Hello Friends.
We here at UPG have a hot proposal in store for all you high speed fans. Give your car some protection from the high temmperatures with DEI's temperature sollutions and recieve a 15% discount. The same discoun applies for all Spa Turbo and Ny-Trex. Don't bother with cracking, low quality manifolds and solve your problems once and for all with the high quality cast Spa Turbo manifolds or invest in the easyest and most effective way to get a quick shot of power and get yourself a brand new nitrous system of superior quality from Ny-Trex. You better hurry however, because the sale applies only untill July 30th or untli stocks last.

ROTA and NUKE promotion.

Date: 22 Mar 2012

Hello friends, now is the time to equip your car with a new set of wheels or new components for your fuel system. Only until April 15, only in UPG - 15% discount on all models of Rota Wheels and 10% discount on all products Nuke Performance. Be sure to take advantage of this incredible offer while there is time. For information on our products please visit our online store and make your choice. For any questions or orders please contact us at or phone +359 2 8200 650.

New products

Date: 03 Apr 2009

We have in stock new products. Choose from our large inventory of high quality items.

Store Is Open

Date: 21 Mar 2009

The store is ready. We are proud with what has been accomplished!