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Honda Civic FD1 NTR - Sport Nitron Suspension

  • // 2-way combined damping control
  • // 38mm and 44mm damper piston
  • // 14mm and 20mm piston rods
  • // Camber / Caster adjustable option
  • // Adjustable spring preload
  • // Independent adjustable ride height
  • // No remote canister
  • // 24 click combined adjustment
  • // Complete with Nitron springs
  • Code: NTCHO016S
  • Manufacturer: Nitron
  • Weight: 15.000 Kgs

Price: €1,664.28
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Product Description

NTR Sport

Developed from the successful Race damper, NTR Sport kits offer superior Nitron performance for the road and track; combining phenomenal value with uncompromised quality.

Sport kits present plush, compliant road holding but maintain the ability to embarrass its competitors on the Track.

Designed to lower the vehicle to its optimum ride height, Sport kits are built with year-round reliability, simple fitment and quick adjustment as standard. Available over a wide range of modern and classic production vehicles.

NOTE: To fit some cars this kit must be fitted with wheel spacers, Nitron can supply the required spacers if required. Please contact Nitron for further details. Image for illustration purposes only.