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AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Stage 1

The AMS Mitsubishi Evolution X Stage 1 provides an amazing 80 HP over stock while maintaining OEM reliability and driveability! You and your friends will be amazed how the AMS Stage 1 transforms your EVO X into a force to be reckoned with on the street and track.

Stage 1 begins by addressing airflow and exhaust restrictions - replacing the stock intake and cat-back exhaust with a larger more efficient AMS Performance Intake System and AMS Single-Tip Cat-Back Exhaust. These components are the highest quality, best performing parts on the market. They look great and reduce weight and engine bay clutter.

To monitor boost level, AMS also includes an Autometer Sport Comp II Boost Gauge and Carbon Fiber Gauge Cup. This attractive gauge accents your gauge cluster seamlessly, mimicking the factory appearance with a white LED back-light and glowing red needle. Finally, an AMS Stage 1 ECU re-flash is incorporated to enhance and fine-tune the performance of these modifications.

As with many high performance vehicles, your Evolution X was delivered from the factory with a conservative tune. Our safe and proven tuning solution works by optimizing the performance of your ECU’s fuel and timing curves, the MIVEC system, as well as the fuel cut for improved throttle response, quicker spool up and maximum power throughout the RPM range.

The AMS Stage 1 provides proven and repeatable results and boosts your EVO X to 375HP. This is an ideal upgrade if you are looking to safely squeeze more power from your EVO X while maintaining its reliability and driveability. Another benefit of choosing AMS is that your car can be returned to 100% stock as our kit requires no cutting or permanent alterations. Most importantly, as with all AMS parts, you get the benefit of unsurpassed craftsmanship, fitment and race-proven performance. 

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80HP increase while maintaining reliability and driveability
Improved throttle response, quicker spool up
Increased power throughout the RPM range
Seamless integration yet easily installed or removed
No cutting or permanent alteration to your car so it can easily be returned to 100% stock
Safe, proven and repeatable results
Unsurpassed craftsmanship, fitment and race-proven performance

AMS Single-Tip 3” Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust
AMS Performance Intake System
AMS Stage 1 ECU Re-Flash
AutoMeter Sport Comp II Boost Gauge
AutoMeter Carbon Fiber Gauge Cup


- Upgrade to AMS Performance Cold-Air Intake (GSR model only)
In addition to improving airflow to the engine, this intake relocates the filter to the driver’s-side front bumper, drawing in cool dense air from outside the engine bay. An additional 10 HP can be gained with this option! Choice between black or polished finish.
- Add Cobb AccessPort:
The standard method requires that you mail in your EVO X’s stock ECU so that it can be loaded with the Stage 1 file. This option allows you to load the file onto your ECU via your own Cobb Acessport unit without having to remove it or send it in – meaning no downtime for your vehicle.

To place your order, please call UPG during regular business hours to speak to one of our sales representatives with the following information ready:

- Year
- Vehicle Model (EVO X GSR, EVO X MR)
- Region (USDM, JDM, EDM)
If you plan to mail in your ECU to AMS, please include the following information with your packaged ECU:
- Name
- Address
- Telephone Number
- Email
Product Notes
The Stage 1 re-flash was specifically developed for use with this package only. If further modifications are used in conjunction with this re-flash, serious engine damage can occur. Please contact AMS for a custom re-flash to support any additional modifications.