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Split-Shot Systems

Split-Shot Systems

Price: €999.59

Split-Shot Systems

Ny-Trex Split-Shot nitrous systems are designed to deliver massive horsepower using the unique Split-Shot valve capable of 700 HP of nitrous flow. The high flow design uses a unique plunger that reduces internal pressure and allows for increased orifice size (.180), greater bottle pressures (up to 1,250 psi) and will draw as little as 3 amps. Typical valve orifice size is much smaller (.125), operates only to 1,000 psi and draws up to 25 amps.

Ny-Trex Split-Shot Dual Spray-Plate systems utilize a 1” thick machined billet injector plate installed between carburetor and intake manifold. The spray bars have 160 laser drilled discharge holes (192 for Dominator) that inject both nitrous and fuel precisely into the intake manifold. Horsepower gain is adjusted by changing the jet sizes to the desired HP level.

  • Code: 110021
  • Manufacturer: Ny-Trex
  • Weight: 20.000 Kgs

Price: €999.59
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Complete Systems Include:

  • Billet Dual Spray-Plate, 160 holes for std. Holley Square Bore Carburetor (4150), 192 holes for Dominator (4500) (up to 700HP)
  • Adjustable HP jetting
  • 10 lb Wet-Black powder coated bottle
  • Chrome Hi-Flo 660 bottle valve w/gauge port
  • Quick Clamp stainless bottle brackets
  • Braided stainless lines
  • Switch controls, relay, and wiring
  • Hose, clamps, ties, fittings, sealant
  • Brackets, hardware, drill, tap, bolts
  • Easy “Step-By-Step” instruction book
  • Billet solenoid brackets
  • Lifetime Warranty on solenoids

Special Features

  • Solenoid valves are made with Volt-Trap coils for stronger, more efficient power, allows for larger orifice, more flow and works with as low as 9 volts.
  • Plungers are made of high grade alloy with greater tolerances to prevent sticking. The N2O seal is Teflon and a special Viton seal is used for the fuel.
  • Dual Taper Jets provide a consistent flow of nitrous and fuel and come in a large array of sizes.
  • Easy install components such as well nuts to install bottle topside, carb studs, plate gaskets, Teflon sealant and easy install Quick-Guide.