CBRD Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X BBX Full Ported Turbocharger

This is our newly released CBRD Billet Blue Compressor Evolution X turbocharger. It starts life as an OEM Mitsubishi Turbocharger and gets a special treatment. A proprietary billet compressor (rated at apprx 56-57 lbs min) is installed along with a new Turbine/Shaft. The turbo then receives an upgraded WG actuator allowing it to hold a flat 28+ psi! We recommend this turbo for those of you that want quick response and a big increase over the stock turbo (we've see 65-75whp Increases on pump gas and over 100whp with E85 or race fuels).

57 lbs min
Proprietary compressor and turbine design
OEM Mitsubishi housing and cartridge
Bolt on turbo
Includes Wastegate actuator
Fully Ported
Rebalanced and Machining
This Turbo is 100% stock appearing!

Price: €2,377.55
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