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DSS Level 5 Sti Rear 1000 HP Axle/Hub Upgrade

This is the new level 5 axle/hub system from The Drive Shaft Shop; this new system is meant for serious HP and will get the job done. The set has been designed for 1000WHP and back up by our 1 year warranty. The system comes with both axles and hubs. Starting with the inner C.V. it has our billet housings that have a new special material that is actually stronger than 300M for the spline plugs into the diff; the center bar is larger and also made from the same material. The outer C.V. is the same as we use in the Pro FWD cars so you know the set will make sure you're the one to be beat. The new outer hubs with this system have 2 wheel bolt patterns for both 04 and 05/06 applications and we even added the ABS mount for you sick ones that are in need of this system for the street. the hubs have a dual bolt pattern so if you have an 04 and want the larger pattern this will take car of it (rear anyhow)

Price: €2,127.01
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