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Accu-Pressure Bottle Heater

Accu-Pressure Bottle Heater

Price: €297.16

Accu-Pressure Bottle Heater

Keep your bottle in the “sweet spot” with a Ny-trex exclusive Accu-Pressure Bottle Heater System. This system features an adjustable pressure switch that accurately sets bottle pressure before use. The ability to provide accurate pressure control takes away the guess-work in heating nitrous to achieve correct bottle pressure providing a safer, worry free operation.

Other new technology includes a unique Mica-Band heating element capable of heating a bottle in half the time of traditional silicone blanket style heaters. The temperature is controlled by an adjustable pressure switch while most other standard systems use a less accurate temp switch.

Aesthetics are also maintained.  Unlike blanket-style heaters which hide the nitrous bottle, robbing its visual appeal, the Ny-Trex bottle heater is a slim, polished stainless steel band that wraps only a small portion of the bottle complimenting the bottle’s finish.

Sold as a system, the Ny-Trex, Accu-Pressure comes complete including easy-to-read
installation instructions, switches, relay, wire, and weather-pack connectors.

  • Maintain bottle pressure
  • Mica-band heating element
  • Efficient design - heats in half the time of blankets
  • Controlled by adjustable pressure switch
  • Weather-Pack connector
  • Includes all components and easy instructions
  • Code: 120040
  • Manufacturer: Ny-Trex
  • Weight: 1.000 Kgs

Price: €297.16
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