AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII/VIII/IX Moustache Bar Eliminator

The AMS Evo VII/VIII/IX Moustache Bar Eliminator not only eliminates that annoying rear differential "clunk" under hard shifts but also shaves 13 lbs. from the rear of your car. Made from 100% billet 6061 aluminum and CNC machined for accurate tolerances, this dual purpose piece provides the best bang for the buck in weight savings available! This piece comes anodized black and includes two solid bushings for the side of the rear differential to allow even less differential movement and clunking!

Price: €299.11
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Eliminates rear differential "clunk" under hard shifts
Reduces weight by 13lbs.
CNC machined for accurate tolerances
Kit Includes
AMS Moustache Bar Eliminator
Two solid bushings for the side of the rear differential
Anodized black finish
6061 billet aluminum
Mitsubishi Evolution 7, 8, 9
GSR, MR, RS and SE
Fits USDM and European 7, 8, 9 Models with standard rear differentials. WILL NOT WORK WITH AYC REAR DIFFERENTIALS.
Product Notes
Solid mounting the rear differential will transfer some drive train noise through the rear chassis of the car. This noise may be louder than desirable for a daily driven car.