Why UPG?

• Because UPG Ltd. is the leading company in Bulgaria, selling parts for racing cars.
• Because UPG Ltd have very attractive prices and many promotions.
• Because we have extremelywide range of over 2000 items.
• And last but not least, because our company policy is entirely focused on customer service!

Do I need to register?
• Although registration is recommended, but it is not mandatory. You can make your order as a "guest". In this case, you will be able to view your previous orders.

What datarecording during my registration and what are they used?

Personal datarequired for registration are your name, address and contact details for feedback. The data is only for use by UPG Ltd. and will not be passed to third persons.

How to choose aproduct?

The productsoffered by the company, can be found in the following sections: new products (the new products offered by UPG Ltd.), promotions (products at promotional prices. All the products are grouped into product groups to assist you in your search. Also for your convenience, you can use the search line (top right corner of all pages) to the site.

How can I learn more aboutthe product?

For each product, we offer a detailed description where you can see: all of the elements, how they look, who is the manufacturer for the product, the color or is the product available on request.

How can I buy online?

 In the short and detailed description of the products, there is a button for orders presented with a custom logo - shopping cart. After selecting the product, enter desired quantity in the line, next to the Shopping Cart. Thenyou are inthe order form. Here you can see thedesired product and the final price.You can change orempty the basket, you can return to the site, and added more.

How to make a payment?

Payyour ordered products  in cash on delivery (COD) or PayPal. You can make payments and bank account of the company, in this case …..