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EVOMS Porsche 996/997 300m Axle Kit

Our direct replacement axle kit was engineered to withstand the most extreme conditions without failure. The OEM axles have been known to break during drag racing or hard street launches on cars producing over 600 HP. Additionally, road racing cars such as the GT3R are quipped with improved axles from the factory due to their extreme environments. Our indestructible axle kit will prevent failures and are guaranteed against breakage even under the most extreme conditions. We have field tested them and have tried to break them with over 900 HP launches with drag slicks and on road race cars making 800+ HP.

Price: €3,451.28
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- 2 x indestructible 300M axles
- 4 x 300M improved strength CV cages
- 24 x stronger CV balls
- 2 x OEM CV boots w/ end cover
- 2 x OEM CV retaining clips
- 2 x larger CV cone rings
- 2 x larger CV boots
- 4 x OEM CV boot clamps (large)
- 4 x OEM CV boot clamps (small)
- 1 x Redline synthetic CV grease
- 1 x Detailed installation instruction manual
300M Axle Features:
- Heat treated and cryogenically treated to enhance torsional strength
- Aircraft quality 300M Alloy
- Shot peened to increase strength
- Tortional stress tested to be more than 100% stronger than the OEM axle
300F CV Cage Features:
- Heat treated, double tempered and cryogenically treated 300M material for increased strength
- 2-3 micro polished finish reduces friction and promotes smoother action
- Added thickness for increased bursting resistance
- Chamfered for improved operating angles
Our indestructible axle kit is a must for all cars that are used in quarter mile events as well as cars competing on the road course. Our solution is stronger than the OEM racing axles available from Porsche MotorSports at a fraction of the price. Additionally, we guarantee them for the life of the vehicle against breakage.