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AMS Porsche 996TT K16 Billet Turbo Upgrade Kit

The AMS Porsche 996 K16 Billet Turbo Upgrade are the most advanced improvement you can make to your K16 based turbos. Using new aero design with extended tip technology, we replace the OEM compressor wheel with a larger CNC billet unit for higher flow and increased efficiency. The result is an incredibly quick spooling turbo that pulls hard all the way to redline. The AMS upgrade is completely bolt-on and fully compatible with all stock components and comes complete with upgraded 1 bar wastegate actuators to maintain optimum boost throughout the rev range.

What does this all mean? By integrating this unique billet design we are able to keep the quick spool characteristics of the factory K16 turbo and vastly improve on power output. At comparable boost levels the AMS Billet K16 produces power on par or exceeding larger, later spooling turbochargers like the popular K24/18G.

Price: €5,752.13
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Estimated horsepower output
550-580 hp / 570-600 lb/ft of torque on pump gas
600-630 hp / 660-690 lb/ft of torque with optional AMS Fuel Upgrade Kit
660-690 hp / 750-780 lb/ft of torque on race gas.
800 hp Capable with supporting modifications (AMS intake pipes, AMS intercooler upgrade, etc...)
Designed to offer quick spool and a large amount of usable horsepower and torque, the AMS kit reaches all forms of racing and driving. The AMS Billet K16’s deliver on demand horsepower and torque for the road racer, street car, and plenty of raw power to those wanting a 10 second ¼ mile toy!

Test Vehicle: 2003 Porsche 911 996TT
Cross Titanium Exhaust
AMS Test Pipes
AMS K16 Billet Turbo Upgrades
AMS Fuel Upgrade Kit
Test Results
585whp and 650 ft-lbs of torque (race gas/pump gas mix)
133 mph ¼ mile trap speed
191.6 mph in the standing mile 
New aero design with extended tip technology
Larger 46mm inducer (stock is 40.6mm) billet wheel to for higher flow and increased efficiency
Completely bolt-on and fully compatible with all stock components
Maintain optimum boost throughout the rev range
Produces power on par with larger later spooling turbochargers
Kit includes
AMS Billet K16 Turbochargers
AMS upgraded 1 bar wastegate actuators
5 bar Fuel pressure regulator
Turbo gasket set
AMS/EPL custom Flash
Fuel Upgrade kit including upgraded 72 lb injectors and upgraded custom tune (+2250.00 BGN)
Porsche 911 996 Twin Turbo, X50 & GT2 
Fits all USDM & European Models
Product Notes
AMS does recommend an upgraded clutch for those looking to run the fuel upgrade or those being tuned on race gas.
GOOD STOCK K16 CORES REQUIRED FOR PURCHASE. If no core is sent please add 1125.00 BGN to the purchase price.