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 Evo 7-9 Stage 1 + Base Flash

Evo 7-9 Stage 1 + Base Flash

Price: €1,541.57

Evo 7-9 Stage 1 + Base Flash

The AMS EVO 7-9 Performance Stage 1 is the first step in improving the performance of your Evo 7-9, bringing it up from the stock 271 HP to around 330 HP on 93 octane.

This kit includes everything to get your engine breathing easier. Intake is provided through a high flow cone style filter that replaces the entire stock airbox with a higher flowing design. The exhaust portion of this stage is the AMS 3" full stainless steel cat back exhaust system. To wrap up the kit, an Autometer boost gauge with carbon fiber gauge cup is used to monitor boost levels. For safety at higher boost levels, a Walbro 255 HP fuel pump is utilized to ensure proper fuel delivery (evo 7 only).

Your ECU will be re-programmed with our base flash to improve power and torque safely. With this flash, fuel, timing, and boost are adjusted to conicide with changes to the intake and exhaust.

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Price: €1,541.57
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-K&N Cone Air Filter with MAF Adapter
-AMS Manual Boost Controller
-AMS Stainless Steel Cat Back Exhaust
-AMS Base ECU Flash
-Autometer Boost Gauge with Carbon Fiber Gauge Cup 

- Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump (Evo 7 only)