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TDX Package

TDX Package

Price: €31,061.48

TDX Package

The AMS TDX Package for the Mitsubishi Evolution X is the ultimate package making you almost unbeatable on the street or road course. This exclusive package implements all of the latest AMS parts and technology available and is capable of tripling the power output of your stock Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X - turning it into a 850+ HP street-driven super car and placing the AMS TDX Package in a league of its own! This is the ultimate turn-key solution for those seeking unmatched power and performance for the street and road course.

Massive Torque Keeps You Ahead On The Track And The Street

The old 900X Package (now available in a new improved version called the TCX) made a great all around super car killer but that wasn't enough for us here at AMS. We knew we could create an even more potent combination for the street and road course by further boosting torque output and response. By increasing the stroke of our already potent 2.2L Big Bore engine, we achieved the desired results with an unbelievable torque curve unlike anything you have ever seen. This newly designed AMS 2.4L Big Bore Stroker achieved a 20% increase in torque and a 1000 rpm improvement in spool up time over a 2.0L!

TDX Utilizes The Latest & Greatest Turbo: The AMS 900XP

At AMS we are constantly improving our turbo's in search of the ultimate balance of power and response for your car. The new AMS 900XP EVO X Turbo utilizes a freshly revised wheel design featuring a slightly larger turbine for even more top-end power without sacrificing spool up or response! You still get the unrivaled response of our original 900X down low, but with the added benefit of increased horsepower throughout the power-band. When combined with the added displacement of the 2.4 liter engine, the AMS 900XP turbocharger spools quick; giving you more low-end torque to power out of turns much quicker than any other setup on the market. This equates to greatly improved lap times on the road course and the confidence to leave any opponent in your dust when on the street! The AMS TCX Package is simply the ultimate all-around performance package for any EVO X enthusiast looking for an unbeatable, unrivaled combination for the street and track.

Truly One Of The Quickest, Street Legal Cars To Ever Hit The Highway

With 700HP & 400ft.lbs. of torque on 93 octane pump gas and 850+ HP & 500+ft.lbs. achievable on race gas, the TDX Package will turn your Evolution X into a super-car crushing, force to be reckoned with! You would be hard pressed to find ANY vehicle in the world, on the road or the track, that can come close to your AMS Evolution TDX!

Unreal Power, Civil Street Manners

The AMS TDX Package combines great driveability with ungodly power and torque. Typically power like this comes at the cost of driveablitiy issues and a narrow powerband. That is not the case with the TDX as every aspect of this package was fine tuned to provide a broad, usable powerband. The TDX is completely streetable with 500+ ft.lbs. of torque begging to be unleashed on the "competition" as you tip in on the throttle.

Race-Proven, Championship Winning Technology

The AMS TDX Package offers the many of the same race-proven components found at the core of our Championship winning Time Attack EVO X. You can be sure it will provide unparalleled results and reliability for your street car. Unlike the competition, it offers performance backed by a true AMS racing heritage; and it does it all with very little compromise in smooth, day-to-day drivability.  

Price: €31,061.48
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Exclusive Benefits
- The ultimate turn-key solution for unmatched power and performance!
- Race-proven AMS parts found at the core of our Championship winning Time Attack EVO X
- Streetable horsepower that is optimized for road racing
- 700 HP & 400ft.lbs. of torque on 93 octane pump gas
- 850+ HP & 500+ft.lbs. of torque achievable on race fuel

Kit Includes

- AMS Big Bore Stroker 2.4L Short Block
- AMS EVO X CNC Cylinder Head
- Ferrea Valve Train
- AMS TMP Cams
- Turbo/Intercooler/Exhaust
- AMS 900XP Turbo Kit
- AMS Boost Control Solenoid Kit
- AMS Front Mount Intercooler
- AMS Intercooler Piping
- Tial QR Blow Off Valve
- AMS 3” Racing Series Exhaust

Fuel System
- AMS 900HP Fuel System
- FIC 1100cc Injectors

- Exedy/AMS Triple Metallic Push Style Clutch
- AMS Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade
- AMS Stainless Steel Clutch Line
- AMS Complete Shifter Bushing Set
- AMS Full Polyurethane Engine Mount Kit

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 GSR
Fits all USDM, JDM and European Models