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AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Stage 2

The AMS Mitsubishi Evolution X Stage 2 works in conjunction with the components in the AMS Stage 1 package to produce an astounding 100+ HP over stock! Stage 2 takes full advantage of the stock turbo’s potential yet retains OEM reliability and driveability.

Stage 2 concentrates on reducing intake air temperature, increasing velocity and further improving exhaust flow. By implementing our race-proven AMS EVO X Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) and AMS EVO X Upper Intercooler Pipe Kit (UICP), intake air temperature is drastically reduced and airflow considerably increased. To further increase exhaust flow, an unrestricted 3” AMS EVO X Test Pipe is utilized - allowing the vehicle to safely run an even more aggressive Stage 2 re-flash on your ECU. Once installation of this stage is complete, the full potential of your EVO X’s stock turbo can be met.

As with many high performance vehicles, your Evolution X was delivered from the factory with a conservative tune. Our safe and proven tuning solution works by optimizing the performance of your ECU’s fuel and timing curves, the MIVEC system, as well as the fuel cut for improved throttle response, quicker spool up and maximum power throughout the RPM range.

AMS Stage 2 provides proven and repeatable results and boosts your EVO X to 395HP!. This is an ideal upgrade if you are looking to safely squeeze more power from your EVO X while maintaining its reliability and driveability. Another benefit of choosing AMS is that your car can be returned to 100% stock as our kit requires no cutting or permanent alterations. Most importantly, as with all AMS parts, you get the benefit of unsurpassed craftsmanship, fitment and race-proven performance.  

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- 100HP increase while maintaining reliability and drivability
- Improved throttle response, quicker spool up
- Increased power throughout the RPM range
- Seamless integration yet easily installed or removed
- No cutting or permanent alteration to your car so it can easily be returned to 100% stock
- Safe, proven and repeatable results
- Unsurpassed craftsmanship, fitment and race-proven performance

- AMS Front Mount Intercooler
- AMS Upper Intercooler Pipe
- AMS 3” Stainless Steel Test Pipe
- AMS Stage 2 ECU Re-Flash

- High-Flow Cat-Pipe
The High-Flow Cat-pipe option is a great alternative to the test pipe when performance and compliance with emissions testing is of equal importance.

- Resonated Test-Pipe
The Resonated Pipe will provide a higher level of sound deadening with an equal level of performance as the standard AMS Test Pipe

- Add EVO X Widemouth Downpipe (Does Not Fit RHD Vehicles)
It took months of engineering and testing to develop the best-performing EVO X downpipe on the market. Our downpipe was developed using SolidWorks (CAD) and features 100% 304 grade stainless steel construction. All seams are professionally TIG welded in-house by AMS fabricators. This option will increase horsepower output for this stage by approximately 15 HP!  

- Add EVO X Lower Intercooler Pipe (LCP) Kit or EVO X Lower Intercooler Pipe (LICP) w/ TiAL QR Recirculating Blow-Off Valve
Choose between the AMS EVO X Lower Intercooler Pipe (LICP) that works with the stock diverter valve or the AMS EVO X Lower Intercooler Pipe (LICP) w/ TiAL QR Recirculating Blow-Off Valve. The LICP w/ TiAL QR replaces the stock diverter valve which tends to leak under higher-than-stock boost pressure. Piping for this kit is flanged to fit the TiAL QR and is secured firmly in place via a v-band connection.

Add Cobb AccessPort:

The standard method requires that you mail in your EVO X’s stock ECU so that it can be loaded with the Stage 2 file. This option allows you to load the file onto your ECU via your own Cobb Acessport unit without having to remove it or send it in – meaning no downtime for your vehicle.


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 GSR, MR
Fits all USDM, JDM and European Models
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- Vehicle Model (EVO X GSR, EVO X MR)
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