Audi / VW 1.8T / 2.0 TFSI - ZRP / 95.20mm Light weight Crankshaft

For all Audi / VW engines 1.8Τ 20v Stroker to 2.0Ltr / 2.0Ltr TFSI 

Made from Billet high tensile strength Steel alloy
CNC Machined for superior tolerance
Multi heat treatment stage
Nitrided hardened for superior wear resistance
Magna-fluxed to insure quality
Shot peened for improved fatigue life
Micro-polished for longer bearing life
Journal radii to disperse load stress
Balanced for the 4 cylinders and for the 6 cylinders.
Aero-Wing Counterweights For Reduce Windage To Increase Horsepower
Pendulum Undercut Counterweights Reduce Weight and Rotating Mass 

  • Code: C-AUD-003L
  • Manufacturer: ZRP
  • Weight: 15.000 Kgs

Price: €1,329.38
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Material - 4340 Billet

Stroke - 95.20mm

Crankshafts Type - Light weight

Main jour. - 54.00mm

Rod Jour. - 47.80mm