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Alpha 5.5 Kompressor Pulley & Tune Upgrade

2003-2006 E55 AMG W211 Alpha 5.5 Kompressor Pulley & Tune Upgrade



-20% increase in HP *172mm pulley

-Based on an OEM pulley for peace of mind

-Retains the harmonic dampening of the factory crank pulley

-Easy to upgrade in the future

-Anodized to resist corrosion


Kit Includes:


-Alpha upgraded 172 or 180mm pulley

-Gates Greenstripe Micro V-belt

-OEM crank bolt

-Alpha custom calibrated tune

-Water pump pulley *comes only with optional 180mm pulley

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Price: €2,618.88
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Product Description


The W211 5.5 Kompressor engine makes great power from the factory.  When you bought your AMG, punching the throttle put a big ear-to-ear smile on your face, but as time goes on that feeling fades away as you become used to the power.  Bring back that feeling with an Alpha 5.5 Kompressor Tune & Crank Pulley Upgrade!  This simple and safe modification will net you another 100HP!!

Many competitors use a solid pulley to raise boost levels. While this is a cost effective way of doing things it can come at a price to the owner. Non damper pulleys transfer unnecessary vibration through the engines rotating assembly and components. Over time this can cause premature wear, oil pump fatigue or failure as well as potential engine failure. We use a new OEM Mercedes-Benz crank pulley assembly and precisely machine it to accept our 6061-T6 aluminum outer ring.  By doing it this way we are able to maintain the factory accessory pulley and harmonic damper.

Being car guys we know often we crave more power as time goes on.  With this pulley upgrade our engineering team made it easy for you to increase power levels in the future by making the pulley a 2 piece design.  If you want more power you can easily upgrade from the standard 172mm to the 180mm pulley by changing just the outer ring of the unit, no need to buy a new assembly.

After seeing the pulley upgrades on the market we decided we had to do better.  Rather than skimp on the details to save cost we spent the time to build a pulley upgrade worthy of the Mercedes-Benz name.  In addition to using a new OEM pulley, our engineers designed a mounting ring made of 303 stainless steel that is threaded, thread locked, and lip rolled to secure it into place.  The aluminum outer ring which is bolted into place, is anodized to resist corrosion from the elements.   We also include a new OEM bolts to complete the installation.  What this adds up to is you simply cannot buy a better pulley for your prized AMG.

At Alpha Tuning we write our own files and use our years of race winning experience to bring something new to the market. Such knowledge allows us to optimize every aspect of the way your AMG drives. We calibrate your ECU with a level of expertise that most others simply do not possess. Making finely tuned adjustments to cam timing, fueling, ignition timing, load control and throttle mapping with a real focus on the overall effect to the driving experience, instead of just loading in a canned tune that is commercially available. We are able to provide you the highest level of performance with no sacrifice to reliability.