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Alpha 9 G63 BiTurbo Upgrade

Alpha 9 G63 BiTurbo Upgrade

Price: €12,043.16

Alpha 9 G63 BiTurbo Upgrade


-200+HP increase with the potential for more when equipped with supporting modifications

-Complete turbo assembly upgrade, not a larger wheel on a stock turbo

-Ball bearing turbo for instant boost response and longevity

-Smooth, stock-like driveability with no loss in fuel economy

-Stock appearance using factory heat shielding

-Capable of supporting further engine modifications in the future


Kit Includes:


-Custom Alpha VCS ECU tune

-Upgraded ball bearing bolt in turbochargers

-All lines and fittings for upgraded turbochargers

Price: €12,043.16
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Product Description


The new Alpha 9 BiTurbo Upgrade for the Mercedes Benz 5.5L BiTurbo (M157) produces the most power available on the market without compromise.  By utilizing the latest in billet wheel, ball bearing turbo technology, we have brought you 900+HP capability with no loss in driveability or response.

While other turbo upgrades available feature just a simple compressor wheel upgrade, we chose to upgrade the whole turbo to unleash the true potential of your AMG!  Our turbo upgrade for your M157 powered Merc consists of a complete replacement Garrett ball bearing center cartridge opposed to a wheel swap upgrade where just a larger compressor wheel is installed on the OEM journal bearing turbo.  Our ball bearing units are built to take more abuse, consist of less moving parts and have a quicker boost onset than a standard journal bearing turbo.


Your Alpha 9 powered BiTurbo will put out an astonishing 750+HP/770TQ on pump fuel without any other modifications.  Choose the optional race fuel calibration (100 octane unleaded) and that number jumps to 850+HP/900+TQ!  Initial testing on our E63 test vehicle using race fuel netted a 0-60 time of just 3.3 seconds and quarter mile time of just 10.7 @ 135mph.  What’s most amazing is all of this is accomplished with just tuning and a turbo upgrade.  When you punch the throttle your passengers are going to be in for quite a surprise!


Another unique benefit to this turbo upgrade is it can be complimented with future Alpha products to make even more power.  Once you have this turbo upgrade there will be no need to do things over again should you want to modify your AMG down the road.