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Audi S4 Silicon Throttle Body Hose, 2000-2002

Mishimoto has developed a silicon throttle body hose for the 2000-2002 Audi S4. The Mishimoto Audi S4 silicon Throttle Body Hose is a direct OEM replacement for the stock rubber hose. The stock rubber throttle body hose, which connects the cold pipes from the turbo up to the throttle body, can wear out from oil, engine heat, and the stock clamp design. These factors, when coupled with the constant movement of the cold pipes, put too much stress on the rubber construction. Deterioration of the rubber can lead to a “boost leak,” letting air escape from the connector between the turbo and the engine, robbing the engine of horsepower and reducing overall performance.

Mishimoto uses four hand-wrapped layers of silicon fortified with heat resistant fibers in the S4 Throttle Body Hose, ensuring a lifetime of durable performance. Available in black, blue, or red to customize the look of your engine bay.

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Interior Material
Heat-Resistant Embedded Fibers

Exterior Material

Max Temperature
330 F / 165 °C

Inner Diameter
W: 0.63"/16 mm
X: 2.05"/52 mm
Y: 2.05"/52 mm
Z: 2.95"/74.9 mm

Outer Diameter
W: 0.93"/23.6 mm
X: 2.32"/58.9 mm
Y: 2.32"/58.9 mm
Z: 3.23"/82.04 mm


Purchase Includes
(1) - Silicon Coupler
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