Audi / VW 1.8T / 2.0 TFSI - ZRP / 90mm Light weight Crankshaft (High RPM)

For all Audi / VW engines 1.8Τ 20v

Stroker from 1.8T to 1.9 Ltr.  

Destroke for 2.0Ltr TFSI to 1.9 Ltr.  High RPM 

Made from Billet high tensile strength Steel alloy
CNC Machined for superior tolerance
Multi heat treatment stage
Nitrided hardened for superior wear resistance
Magna-fluxed to insure quality
Shot peened for improved fatigue life
Micro-polished for longer bearing life
Journal radii to disperse load stress
Balanced for the 4 cylinders and for the 6 cylinders.
Aero-Wing Counterweights For Reduce Windage To Increase Horsepower
Pendulum Undercut Counterweights Reduce Weight and Rotating Mass 

  • Code: C-AUD-002L
  • Manufacturer: ZRP
  • Weight: 15.000 Kgs

Price: €1,482.77
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Material - 4340 Billet
Stroke - 90mm
Crankshafts Type - Light weight
Main jour. - 54.00mm
Rod Jour. - 47.80mm