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Rota Torque

Rota Torque

Price: €159.01

Rota Torque

Available Specifications:

15” x 6.5” 4x100                            ET40

16” x 7.0” 4x100                           ET28

16” x 7.0” 4x100                           ET30

16” x 7.0” 5x114                           ET45

17” x 7.5” 4x100 / 4x114 / 5x114 ET45

17” x 7.5” 5x100                           ET48

17” x 8.0” 4x100 / 4x114 / 5x114 ET35

17” x 8.0” 5x114                           ET48

17” x 8.0” 4x100                           ET20

  • Code: Torque-1
  • Manufacturer: Rota Wheels
  • Weight: 6.250 Kgs

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Available Specifications:

Price: €159.01
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The twin 5-spoke design of the Torque looks at home on everything from Mitsubishi Evos to Honda Civics, and everywhere in between. Available in a massive range of fitments and colours, the Torque can be supplied to fit almost any Japanese car, including staggered setups for S2000s and MR2s.

Another lightweight wheel, the Torque has always been popular, there are no indications that this popularity is diminishing – it's easily one of our most sought after designs.


Ideal for the following cars and many more:

Honda Civic

Honda Integra

BMW Mini

Toyota MR2

Subaru Impreza

Honda S2000

Toyota Starlet