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Rota Sub Zero

Rota Sub Zero

Price: €159.01

Rota Sub Zero

Available Specifications:

15” x 6.5” 4x100                           ET40

16” x 7.0” 4x100 / 4x114              ET40

16” x 7.0” 4x100 / 4x114 / 5x114 ET45

17” x 7.5” 4x100 / 4x114 / 5x114 ET45

17” x 7.5” 5x100                           ET48

17” x 7.5” 5x100                           ET40

  • Code: Sub Zero-1
  • Manufacturer: Rota Wheels
  • Weight: 6.250 Kgs

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Available Specifications:

Price: €159.01
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Price for one wheel!



A classic Rota design, the Subzero has been a popular choice with Japanese and European car owners for several years. A timeless design coupled with being lightweight and available in a wide choice of fitments, the Subzero is all things to many people!

A nice bit of dish and a good variety of colours, the Subzero also clears BMW Mini larger brake options with ease!


Ideal for the following cars and many more:

Mazda MX5

Honda Civic

Honda Integra

BMW Mini

Toyota MR2

Subaru Impreza

Renault Clio

Toyota Starlet