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Rota Slipstream

Rota Slipstream

Price: €159.01

Rota Slipstream

Available Specifications:

15” x 6.5” 4x100 / 4x108               ET40

15” x 6.5” 4x95.25                         ET7

15” x 6.5” 4x95.25                         ET10

15” x 7.0” 4x100                            ET28

15” x 7.0” 4x100 / 4x114 / 5x114   ET40

16” x 7.0” 4x100 / 4x114 / 5x114   ET40

16” x 7.0” 4x100 / 4x114 / 5x114   ET45

16” x 8.0” 4x100                             ET34

16” x 8.0” 4x95.25                          ET12

17” x 7.5” 4x100 / 4x114 / 5x114   ET45

17” x 8.0” 5x114                             ET48

17” x 8.5” 5x114                             ET35

  • Code: Slipstream-1
  • Manufacturer: Rota Wheels
  • Weight: 6.250 Kgs

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Available Specifications:

Price: €159.01
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Price for one wheel!



The most popular wheel in the Rota Lightweight range, the Slipstream is popular with a massive variety of cars. The lightest 15” wheel we offer, and amongst the lightest 16”, these are the first choice of fast road and track cars for more makes and models than we can name!

The control wheel for the Ma5da Mazda MX5 Championship, used in the Lotus Elise Trophy as the lighter more competitive option, and the Rarerims Time Attack Honda Integra!


Ideal for the following cars and many more:

Mazda MX5

Lotus Elise

Ford hubs – Kit cars!

Honda Civic

Honda Integra

Toyota MR2

Honda S2000

Mitsubishi Evo

Renault Clio

Toyota Starlet