Active Autowerke BMW E46 M3 High Performance Clutch & Flywheel Kit

It makes no sense to boost engine performance like crazy, only to have the power dissipate as it moves back through the drive train. Yet that’s exactly what can happen with weak and inferior clutch/flywheel systems.

To resolve this problem, Active Auotwerke sought out the sources who make clutches for Formula 1 teams in Europe. (We love aiming high.) The result is a clutch system that handles anything you throw at it – including power up to and beyond the 600 HP potential of a performance programmed S54 engine. Yet retains the civility you need for everyday driving.

01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 E46 BMW M3


Unlike the solid factory clutch disc, our performance version uses a series of springs to effectively dampen gearbox chatter. An organic composite lining delivers baby-smooth engagement and transition of power, and is easy on the flywheel face.


Our pressure plate has true racing heritage. Pedal effort is a tad strong (most noticeable on 6 speed versions) but is probably unmatched in its exertion of clamping force. A sturdy strap design and precision engagement clearance and balance characteristics round out the design profile. This high-performance component is fully compliant with factory specs, and can be used without changing out the stock steel flywheel, if desired.


The physics are beyond question: reduce flywheel weight and you noticeably increase acceleration. So when we tell you our 6061 T6 tempered alloy unit tips the scales at just 12 lbs vs the 42 lb stock flywheel, you can imagine what performance gains are in store.

Yet, weight alone is just part of the equation. Durability is also key. Our patent-pending retaining pin design totally eliminates the common problem of pin disengagement in aluminum flywheels – a failure that can cause major damage to your transmission bell housing. Ideal for both street and mild race use, the quicker throttle response and perfect balance of an installed Active Autowerke flywheel is easily felt in the drive. Machined to precise tolerances, the unit comes with a thick replaceable friction plate and correctly-configured ring gear for smooth starter gear engagement. It will accept either the factory stock clutch kit or an Active Autowerke performance clutch utilizing a sprung disc arrangement.


  • CNC machined aluminum flywheel; 12 lbs and vibration-free
  • Correct teeth on ring gear ensure correct starter gear engagement
  • Smart-design pressure plate pins emgineered to never dislodge and damage transmission bell housing
  • Replaceable flywheel friction face
  • Applicable for SMG and 6-speed manual gearbox cars
  • Tested and proven to handle over 600 HP

Price: €3,451.28
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