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DSS STI Front Axle Bar Upgrage

The STI is a very stout car; the pancake motor and all wheel drive make it a very desirable machine to upgrade into an atmosphere sucking monster. The front inner and outer C.V.'s are very strong but the bars are not, this is a 300M bar upgrade including bars boots clamps and grease. You will need to take you C.V.'s off and put them onto these bars. After installation the axle will handle just about anything. Be very careful when ordering the bar upgrade the axle from year to year are interchangeable but the internal spline (inside the boot) are different. If you're not sure disassemble the axle and give us the spline counts. The price shown is for a kit with (2) axle bars (4) boots and (8) clamps and enough grease for all.

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Price: €588.00
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