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Cusco Type RS LSD, EVO 7-9 Rear

Cusco Type RS LSD, EVO 7-9 Rear

Price: €1,508.34

Cusco Type RS LSD, EVO 7-9 Rear

The Cusco limited slip differential is designed to provide maximum traction that is most often lost in hard off-the-line acceleration, these L.S.D. kits are designed to integrate with your factory transmission. The unit will sense when one wheel starts losing traction due to track/road conditions, hard cornering, and/or torque steer. Once it detects the slippage, it will compensate by shuffling the power from side to side to overcome the loss of traction. This translates into better track or quarter mile times, and more efficient use of the engines power.

With the Type RS, the initial torque is absorbed by the RS springs therefore the initial torque comes on gently compared to the Type MZ which comes on stronger as it uses cone plates and response of the LSD is better, as the friction is lower.
* One way L.S.D. Specially suited for front wheel drive cars and 4WD car front axles. Activates under acceleration, and acts as a true LSD when the throttle is off. A great chance for improved lap times. A CUSCO original design.

* 1.5 way LSD Activates under acceleration while the understeer is less than on the 2 way LSD.Recommended for drivers having difficulty with 2 way LSD understeer and one way LSD braking.

* Two way LSD Recommended on the rear axle for rear drive cars. Activates on both acceleration and deceleration. Recommended for those who prefer hot driving action and big angle drift.

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Fits 03+ EVO's w/o AYC.

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Price: €1,508.34
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