Exedy Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII/VIII/IX Triple Carbon Clutch Kit

The same clutch we use in the record setting AMS Evo 8 for both drag & road racing. This not your off the shelf Triple Carbon that everyone else sells. AMS only stocks the high clamp load cover (+10%.) to hold up to our turbo kit! It is a unique pull type clutch that is patented by Exedy. Carbon disk clutches put out far less heat than standard clutches. This new product is designed especially for the EVO 8 and horsepower levels up to 850. The clutch is very streetable and comfortable to drive but suggested only for racing. Pedal pressure increase is approx 10%. Great for drag & road racing.
AMS suggest replacing the throw-out bearing with a new OEM unit when installing this clutch.

**New OEM Throw-Out Bearing NOT Included**

Max Torque Drag - 734
Max Torque Street/Road Race - 914

Price: €3,592.39
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